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1. Send us the link to your website using our online form

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2. Stay contactable, as we will get in touch with you if we need further information

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3. Sit back and wait! Within 24 hours of receiving your request, you will have your GDPR report with a full diagnostic

Adapt your website to GDPR regulations, forms and data

For just 199€*

  • Showing your website users and clients that their data is important and that you are GDPR compliant, is key to securing your online reputation
  • In less than 48 hours you’ll have web compliant to GDPR regulations
  • Regardless of the version or plugins that you have, we can help you
  • We will supply you with a personalized report detailing the results and recommendations, to prevent you being reported or receiving fines for non-compliance
  • If your website doesn't meet these requirements, we can help adapt it

* VAT not included

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Are you unsure if your website meets GDPR requirements?

he majority of websites hold personal information regarding their users , which means it is very probable that you need to adapt to the new GDPR requirements, don't ignore them!! Te ayudamos a cumplir la GDPR en tu web.

  • All business are obliged to achieve GDPR compliance
  • GDPR-compliant businesses will have a competitive advantage, with regards to competency
  • Generate trust within your website users
  • Avoid receiving expensive fines

Our Auditors will help you to adapt your website, you still have time to correct it!!

At Wptizers we are experts in GDPR and WordPress, which allows us to offer a speedy service at a great price. Fill in our form and we will be happy to attend to any queries you may have.

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